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A few weeks back we posted about wanting to do a maternity session wearing one of our dresses that we bought about a year ago and have not had the chance to photograph a Mommy wearing it. Angelica saw the post last week and we schedule her photo shoot as quickly as possible because her due date is just around the corner. Angelica has another handsome little man named, Dante. Angelica mentioned she did not get any professional pictures done when she was pregnant with Dante and Angelica thought that this maternity session was just meant to be.

For this maternity photo shoot, we went to Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Lemont, IL getting a maternity session done at this location feels just right. Mother Nature is always so good to us, sometimes it can be spontaneous and scary but it’s always mesmerizing and perfectly balanced. There is a connection between all the elements that surround us while we photographed Angelica. It’s so amazing how you can feel the fresh air blowing thru your hair and the earthy smell calming you down while the crystal clear water tickles your toes. That is how Mother Nature nurtures you, just like Angelica is nurturing her baby from the inside of her womb. Angelica and her family were very playful, peaceful and full of energy it made the posing process a breeze.

Thank you Angelica for letting us be your go to photographer.


Maternity Photographer│Lemont, IL │Vero+Sal Photo and Film│Joliet IL



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