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BFF Maternity photoshoot │Birdheaven Greenhouse │Joliet IL

One thing that we love about what we do is being able to document a story for a couple. To be able to document a journey is even more special. We first met Moses where my husband and I work, and shortly after meeting Moses, we met Favi. At the time, they were dating, and we were starting our photography/videographer business. When they asked us to document their wedding day, we were thrilled! We were able to capture their engagement session, their wedding—which was exquisite…it was a traditional Mexican wedding with horses, conchitas, tequila and elotes. Still today, we get compliments on how beautiful their wedding photos are!

Earlier this year, we found out they were expecting and we were so excited for them! We were able to shoot their gender reveal, their baby shower, and their maternity photos. Then, Favi told us she wanted to do some maternity photos with her best friend, who is also expecting.

Favi and her best friend, Emma met their sophomore year of 2008 and have been best friends ever since. They shared tears together as they found out within only a few weeks that they were both expecting, and Favi was so thankful to have her best friend to share this journey with.

For us, it’s pretty amazing to be able to document so many chapters in the lives of Moses and Favi, and now an additional chapter with Emma and Jonathan! We’ve been with Moses and Favi since the beginning, and to be able to capture their most important milestones has been a joy for us. Getting to meet and hang out with Emma and Jonathan was so great! We really got to see the friendship that they share and we know both Emma and Favi will be amazing mothers…how special to be able to raise your children together and walk this road of motherhood together! These two special couples will always hold a place in our hearts…we wish them blessings and joy as they celebrate bringing two beautiful new lives into the world!


Maternity Photographer│Joliet, IL │Vero+Sal Photo and Film│Joliet IL



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