Carlie + Fernando Wedding

We had the honor of capturing the bride and her party getting ready for their big day. As Carlie was getting all dolled up, you could see the excitement growing on her face. The same goes for her bridal party as well. They were ready to get the festivities started.

Another great honor that came with this wedding was to capture the ceremony at the beautiful Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL. This place is filled with history, seeing as it has been around since 1926. This wedding ceremony had a bit more of a serious tone than the others throughout, until the knot was tied. It was a mix of emotions from nervousness to excitement that created this feeling. As the vows were being said, the eyes of Fernando were slightly tearing up from the overwhelming feeling of happiness as he realized he and Carlie were set to spend their lives together. My favorite capture of this segment is the first kiss of the couple with the flowers being dropped from above. It is a moment that they will remember for the rest of their lives and we were able to get it on camera for them, which is a great feeling.

After the ceremony, the parties stuck around to take some group pictures on stage. It was the perfect setting for a beautiful party, and my particular favorite here is the group photo in which the chandeliers are hanging over the party, to create that feeling of classiness. It encompasses the purple themed dresses perfectly.

The Rialto provided some of the best bride and groom shots I have ever seen. The posed pictures in this section are really astonishing, especially with the background of the empty theater. You catch the feeling of all that great history, which in turn generates the realization that it is not just the theater with great history, but Carlie and Fernando as well. Even outside in front of the Rialto sign created a picture perfect setting for a beautiful couple. Within the sign, you can get that same feeling of the history within the theater, and since it is outdoors, you get that feeling about the town surrounding them as well. It was really amazing to experience this different type of extremely classy feeling.

Out of the entire day, nothing came close to capturing the classiness of the wedding and its setting than the reception. The same can be said for the emotions felt throughout the day. The ballroom was ginormous with seats that were wrapped in white covers with purple ribbons, pillars made completely of marble, and a beautiful stairwell that created the perfect atmosphere of calmness, yet excitement for what is to come in the future. It is similar to a play that would be performed at the Rialto, for Carlie and Fernando, they were just getting started on their lives together. This is just the opening act, and what a better spot for it than the Rialto. As for the emotions, we were able to capture the different looks on Carlie and Fernando’s faces as their parties gave their speeches. Everything from smiles and laughter to tears strolling down cheeks, whether it was for better or worse. As the night went on, the emotions were in check and everyone was having a good time dancing around with each other. This is where you can see the true relationship between a couple come out, and Carlie and Fernando were just as you would expect, filled with dancing, happiness, and laughter

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Wedding Documentary Style photography and videography by Vero and Sal

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