Flower arrangement can make a big different at home, office, events, etc (you get the point) makes the space more inviting and look fresh even if the flowers are not real. I am not a florist, I'm far from that... way far but I love DYIs. Saying "I did it myself" gives me so much joy. And the best part of it, it doesn't have to be perfect. This flower arrangement I made, it was actually for a engagement photo session but you can use it as a table center piece at home, or for your event. I hope you enjoy this blog post, and go easy on me as it is my first one. Please comment below if you like it.


Eucaulyptus Stem

Willow Leaves Vines White Roses White Hyndrangea Long Eucalyptus Leave Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Leaf Spray Brick Cage Shears


Take some Willow leaves and create the base for the flower arrangement. Cut two pieces, same length, and place them each size, this will determine the length of your centerpiece. Break the rest of the stems in sections, different sizes and stick them randomly around the brick cage. Repeat the process with the rest of the greenery adding randomly the white roses and hydrangea. I used 7 Hyndrangeas and 9 Roses. But you can use as many as you want.

Brick Cage

Willow leaves

Eucalyptus Leaf Spray

Long Eucalyptus Leave

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves

White Hyndrangea

White Roses

Ecualyptus Stems


VS Jpeg.jpg

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