This year has definitely been very unorthodox, especially when it comes to meeting our couples. Miriam and Michael first came to us back in March, and due to certain unfortunate events we were unable to meet with them in person, therefore when the time came to meet for their engagement session I would be lying to admit if we weren't just a tad bit nervous.

Would Miriam and Michael enjoy their session? Would they still want to continue with our photography services? It was not long before realizing that Miriam and Michael were so much like us! And what a great session it was. Bird Haven Greenhouse in Joliet, IL is definitely a place we love to photograph with our couples. It just has that "can you feel the love" feeling. The flowers, the birds, nature in general bring the whole picture to life.

Miriam and Michael were so easy going, their playfulness displayed just how close they really are. Miriam being a social butterfly and Michael more of a homebody, they balance each other right at just the perfect couple.

Both Miriam and Michael have known each other all their lives, their parents being friends made it easy for them to cross paths. From playing games at parties to Michael asking Miriam to prom, our couple has been together for four years and engaged for Two.

Their chemistry tied well into the day, there was not one dull moment. They are such an easy-going couple that it felt like we were photographing old friends.

Congratulations Miriam and Michael, we can not wait until the big day!

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