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Cindy + Fernando Wedding

It was the weekend after 16 inches of snow hit the ground in the northern area of Illinois when Cindy and Fernando were getting ready for their big day. We arrived early in the morning at Cindy's house so we could capture getting ready images.


The ceremony was at ST. Alexis Church in Bensenville, IL


It was 20 degrees outside, but they were brave enough to go out for some portraits, it was just for about 20 minutes but we were able to get beautiful images with the Bride and Groom and also with the Bridal Party. Beautiful warm colors blend very well with the snow on the ground and trees. The rays of sun were peeking and they couldn't have been more beautiful.


Then we head to the venue at The Seville in Streamwood, IL where Cindy and Fernando warm themselves up and celebrate with family and friends.


Enjoy their video.

Thank you Cindy and Fernando for the opportunity to have captured image from your Wedding.



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