Blanca + Ancel Wedding

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

About a year or so we received a phone call from Blanca looking into pricing for her June, 2017 wedding. We meet and talked and we never hear back from them. We thought they had selected a different company to do their Photos and Video. About 3 months ago, we received another call, to our big surprise, it was Blanca. She had great news for us, she told us she had to postpone the Wedding. Why? Because she had a little bundle of joy on the way. She was pregnant, and as soon as the new member of the family came to this world, the preparations for the wedding started again and so here we are.

Its an honor for us to present to you Mr. and Mrs Palacios.

Congratulations may God bless your union.

Enjoy their teaser trailer.

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