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We meet Aseret and her family on Thursday night at Worth Waterfalls, Worth IL. Aserert was wearing a gorgeous pink dress. She weaved her hair in a half beautiful braid and beautiful spiral curls falling like a waterfall. She opted for a natural makeup that enhanced her beauty. The Waterfall Park view is amazing and was the perfect location for the photoshoot. Mosquitos decided to give us a break and not show at the time of the photoshoot (thank God) and lots of ducks and birds made it for her photo session, even the Moon made an act of presence. We walk around the park stopping every minute or so, we wanted to take advantage of the multiple backgrounds the park provides. The sun hitting the leaves hanging down the ropey branches made an amazing background for Aseret, the colors complemented her skin tone. I felt like was photographing a professional model, she nailed every pose with very little prompts. One of my favorite pictures is the one wearing the sunglasess. That picture belongs on a fashion magazine, capturing the sunset on her sunglasses was amazing. We enjoyed every minute of this session and loved the opportunity to had worked with her, we can’t wait to photographer her Quinceañera and create lots of memories for her cherish. Here are our favorite pictures, enjoy.



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