ROSA + ALEX│ Rustic Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding in Ottawa, IL

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Alex and Rosa met in high school…but they didn’t reconnect until six years after, and the story is just one of the sweetest we’ve ever heard. While Alex’s grandmother, Nonnie, was in the hospital she was one of Rosa’s patients. Rosa and Alex became reacquainted as Alex visited his grandmother, and Nonnie saw that they had a connection. She encouraged them to explore that connection, because, she said, “Life is too short.” Sadly, two years later Nonnie lost her battle with cancer, but she will always be special to the family and to Alex and Rosa for being a part of their story and re-connection.

We were so excited to work with this sweet couple and capture these memories for them!

Their ceremony took place at Stanvanger Lutheran Church in Seneca, Illinois. This church was a quaint, brick building flanked by cornfields, and the focal point of the church was a soft green colored alter with white woodwork. Bright red, yellow and blue flower arrangements adorned the alter, and when it was time for the bride and groom to make their appearance, the pianist played the theme song from Beauty and the Beast. The bride and groom presented flowers to their mothers. After the ceremony, as the newlyweds exited the church, we noticed a puppy enjoying the view from across the street—it was watching intently from the living room window! Alex and Rosa walked out through a cloud of bubbles, and made their exit in a black, classic Chevrolet that belonged to the groom’s grandmother.

Following the ceremony, a blue party bus showed up to drive the wedding party to the Chicago River in Seneca for their photoshoot—there, we incorporated two tractors belonging to the groom’s great-grandfather in the background—which was a great pop of color and sentimental way to include part of Alex’s family background! The John Deere tractor belonged to his great-grandfather Beck and the Allis Chalmer tractor, the orange tractor was especially meaningful because Alex and his grandfather, Papa Beck, had just finished restoring it.

The groom’s mother brought their family dog to the photoshoot—and Bell was so excited that I don’t think she stopped wiggling the entire time!

At the reception, Alex and Rosa carried on the Beauty and the Beast theme with their colors and some table décor resembling the enchanted rose from the movie.

The guests enjoyed dipped strawberries and cake pops and the favors they got to take home were handmade shot glasses, folding fans and coasters.

One thing that really stood out to us was the love and respect that Alex and Rosa had for one another….it was evident in the way they smiled at each other, held hands, danced and the way Alex cared for Rosa. It was truly a beautiful celebration of a lovely couple…one who was destined to be together—even after the six years they spent apart after high school.

Alex and Rosa, we wish you every happiness as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life—it truly was a privilege to capture your beautiful day!

Dress: Davi's Bridal

Florist: Mann's Floral Shoppe

DJ: Buena Beats Entertainment

Reception Venue: KC Hall Banquets

Ceremony: Stavanger Lutheran Church

Gromsmen and Groom attire: Bell's Clothing

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