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They say a warm cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate goes well with the cold weather. We beg to differ, having someone to hold and cuddle with is the best solution to keeping warm on a beautiful chilly day.

Mauro has been a dear friend of ours for a while now and when he proposed to Angela we could not have been any happier for him. Excited as we were for him we were equally excited knowing we were chosen to capture such a joyous memory for both Angela and Mauro.

We were happy to meet up with our couple at Lilacia Park in Lombard, Il. We absolutely loved how the bare trees looked in the background and the multicolored bushes tied our scene together.

Playful smiles and warm intimate hugs filled our lenses. It's always such a beautiful thing when we are able to photograph, even if it's for a quick instance, how deep and meaningful a simple look into each other eyes can be. A look that says "No matter what, I will always choose to love you."

For a moment we all forgot how cold it really was. I would not have any other way, it truly is the "Most wonderful time of the year" especially when love is in the air.

After the shoot, I simply could not wait to get home and edit these photos. Each session is like the very first one all over again. So much love and passion reflecting and radiating from Mauro and Angela make each and every photo come alive. That's what makes these sessions so dear to our hearts.


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