Meghan + Daniel Wedding

Capturing the pre-ceremony was extremely exciting for us. We got to see the calm and cool, yet excited couple prepare for the biggest moment of their lives. Most couples have at least a little bit of nervousness in them before the start of the wedding, but Meghan and Daniel were different. They were confident in the day, and it definitely paid off and resulted in a great wedding and reception.

Capturing this wedding ceremony was truly something special. As the families started rolling in, the excitement started to build. You could really see that Meghan and Daniel were ready for this moment, from the decor on the tables with touching quotes to the expressions on their faces. Their affection and love for each other is young and spontaneous, and looks to be an inspiration for others to find a love like theirs. Throughout the ceremony and reception alike, the good vibes flowed through the air. The weather was beautiful for the outdoor ceremony and the families were joyous. My favorite moment from the ceremony shoot would have to be the shots with Meghan and her father walking up the aisle. As she moves closer, you can see that she realizes the moment and you can see the true feeling of love on her face. That is what this is all about, is capturing the real moments that will be so surreal to those that are falling in love without realizing it. Their affection and love for each other is young and spontaneous, and looks to be an inspiration for others to find a love like theirs. Along with this moment of happiness for the bride comes a moment of fright and nervousness for the father, and you can see this portrayed in these moments. But as the photos go on, you can see his facial expressions change to ones of acceptance and happiness for his daughter because he knows and trusts in Meghan and Daniel’s love. During the vows, you can see the looks of love in Meghan and Daniel’s gazes into each other’s eyes. It is really a beautiful moment for a beautiful couple. After they share their first kiss as bride and groom, you can see the pure happiness in Meghan’s smile. From there on, the joyous attitudes spread contagiously to family and friends alike.

During the family portraits, you can really see the looks of togetherness between siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents alike on both sides of the family. This is where two families become one. It was really great to see everyone getting along and just being happy for the bride and groom

This was my favorite part of the entire night, as is with any other wedding. During the bride and groom portraits, you can see the realization finally start to set in that these two are together for life. The best part is, it is not a bad realization. It is a realization that finally can help to relieve stress in the couple’s mind and overcome with a feeling of calmness and love, and you can really tell that by the way that Meghan and Daniel were acting just as normal as they were at the engagement photo-shoot. These are their first true moments of marriage and you can tell that they are having no regrets. In these moments, you can see the kind of love that they have. Meghan and Daniel show off their goofy, yet romantic love in these wedding photographs. It is the kind of love that the whole family can enjoy.

The reception is where we were really able to capture everyone’s good times and good vibes flowing together in action. These are the best and most unique photos because they are candid shots, meaning that there isn’t any poses set up. These are people enjoying their night, and we get to capture the memories for them. Whether it was the young children or the elderly grandparents, everyone was dancing and filled with smiles and laughter. Something amazing to experience was seeing the example being set for these young children by Meghan and Daniel. As always, this will be a night that Meghan and Daniel will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives and you can see the contagious happiness spreading through to not only the parents, but the kids as well. For them, a great example for finding your soul mate was set by Meghan and Daniel at a young age, which is what it is all about. Not only will they set a good example for those kids, but their soon-to-be-born child will have a great example of what a relationship should be like throughout their whole life. We know one thing from this

Enjoy their video!

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