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Hello There!

While you've caught a glimpse of our personal journey, we're thrilled to share our professional side with you. Let's dive into the world of photography and videography, where we're passionate about capturing the magic of love stories and turning them into timeless memories.

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Our story

  Once upon a time in a small town, there was a high school boy named Sal who discovered his passion for photography with nothing more than a disposable camera and a heart full of curiosity. His lens framed the world through the eyes of an artist, capturing candid moments of joy and friendship among his classmates.

Fast forward to the year 2013, Sal embarked on a new journey when he was asked to photograph his niece's quinceañera. With an eager spirit and a camera in hand, he embraced the opportunity to document this special celebration. Little did he know that this event would mark the beginning of something extraordinary.

In the years that followed, Sal's passion for photography continued to grow. He eagerly accepted more photography assignments, often working for free just to hone his craft and experience the joy of capturing life's beautiful moments. Every click of the shutter brought him closer to his true calling.

But it wasn't until 2015 that destiny intervened. That year, Vero, his partner and soulmate, joined him on this incredible journey. Together, they transformed Sal's solo endeavor into a dynamic duo. Sal's talent with the camera paired perfectly with Vero's artistic eye, and they soon became a formidable photo and video team.

Sal took the lead as the videographer, with Vero focusing her creative energy on photography. Their skills complemented each other like pieces of a perfect puzzle. They shared a dream, a vision of capturing the essence of love and connection through their lenses.

The breakthrough came when they booked their first paid wedding as a team. As the couple exchanged their vows, Sal's video camera and Vero's camera worked in harmony, preserving the magical moments that unfolded before them. The smiles, tears, and laughter they captured told a story of love that would be cherished for generations to come.

From that moment forward, they never looked back. Their journey as wedding photographers and videographers took flight. Each day was a new opportunity to learn and refine their techniques. They invested countless hours perfecting their craft, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure their clients received the best possible experience.

Their love for what they do shines through every image and video they create. They are not just a photography and videography team; they are storytellers, capturing the unique love stories of every couple they work with. With every wedding they document, they continue to add chapters to their own story, a story of passion, commitment, and the pursuit of perfection.

Today, as a husband-and-wife team, Sal and Vero invite engaged couples to join them on their incredible journey. They are not just photographers and videographers; they are your storytellers, ready to capture the chapters of your love story. From the first glance to the final kiss, they are dedicated to preserving the moments that matter most.

Choose Vero and Sal as your wedding photo and video team, and you'll be choosing more than just professionals behind the camera. You'll be choosing a team with a deep love for their craft and a genuine desire to make your wedding day unforgettable. Together, you'll create a beautiful story of love, laughter, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.






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