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Happy First Birthday Rex

Happy First Birthday Rex, we love you.

Sorry not sorry. It’s my birthday and I’ll eat it if I want to 🎈🎊

I cannot believe that my little boxer has grown up :( I missed his tiny head and humongous head. (Click here to see baby rex :D )

At first, he didn't want to get near the cake because he was scare of the balloons, but after a few treats and 15 minutes later we were able to calm him down and take some pictures lol.

Mum, can I eat it now?

How about now?

Shoutout to 2 Paws 4 U Pet Bakery and Treats for staying a little after closing time just so I can pickup the cake.

Can you hurry up so I can eat that thing?

Making sure no one stills my cake


I'll protect my cake from the neighboors


Party in my tummy

I can't stop eating

Cake? What Cake?


Cake Smash Photographer│Plainfield, IL │Vero+Sal Photo and Film│Joliet IL



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