Word of mouth has always been the first of ways to showcase someone's work, but we love getting clients who have seen our work first hand. Alan and Theresa are no strangers to our capabilities and therefore have honored us in letting us capture the road to their Happily Ever After.

We met Alan and Theresa first in a previous wedding we worked on, Alex and Crystal's, as they were both part of the bridal court. It brings us so much joy and excitement to see that others view our work, fall in love with it and entrust us to work on their special occasions.

We originally had to postpone this shoot twice due to the pandemic at large, but nonetheless, we were able to come together and still have some amazing photos.

Theresa surprised us with a beautiful dress, and even though we had snow on the ground and the weather was not in our favor, she was a total beauty and kept her composure the whole time, almost as if the cold was absent from her.

From the very first picture taken we knew that Alan and Theresa were definitely meant for each other. Alan kept Theresa smiling the whole time, a wonderful quality to have! The smiles they gave each other, and the laughter between them, it was contagious, to say the least.

We truly had an amazing day with both Alan and Theresa. We simply can not wait for their special day. This session was a complete blast and we just now their wedding day will be even better!

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