Vendor Information

This information is important in the event of an emergency on the event day & it is also needed if your quinceañera is submitted for publication (magazines or blogs). When submitting to any publication, they will need all of your vendor information. Please complete whatever information applies to your event! Little details are the best!

When I KNOW these details, I can make sure that I capture everything that has sentimental value to you!

Family Formals

Family formals do not have to take over 20 minutes. However, this is only possible if we are organized beforehand! Please list ten different groupings for family photos. For example: 1. Quinceañera with parents. 2. Quinceañera and siblings. 3. Quinceañera and grand parents. If you have a very large family and more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception so that family portrait time will not interfere with your Quinceañera portraits and Quinceañera and her court of honor portraits. Thank you!!


Thank you for taking the time to fill this up, we can't wait to your big day!

Information Sheet

This first section is just basic information about the big day! Here are a few tips to know


1. Make sure there is natural light in the room where the quinceañera will be getting ready (window light). This makes a WORLD of difference in your images! I promise!

2. If possible, try to have all details together before the photographer arrives. (Dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, tiara, etc) This will make the detail shots more efficient!

3. Keep the area near the window free of trash, bags, snacks, etc. This will be where the quinceañera will be putting on her dress! (We don’t need any Aquafina bottles in our portraits :D ).

4. Allow more time than you think you need to get ready! It’s better to be safe than RUSHED!

5. Relax and have fun!!!

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