Our first road trip blog!! - Colorado

We are so excited to share these pictures with you all. This trip was short, but it was ohhh so amazing. We left Friday evening and comeback on Monday early in the morning, so yeah, it was short. Here are my favorite pictures for you guys to enjoy, just a fair warning.... I LOVE lens flares lol so you will be seeing a lot of those.

Firs stop. Julesburg, CO

We were between the Nebraska and Colorado border when Luis looked out the window and said; "wow, I never seen so many starts in my entire life" so we had to stop and take pictures. He was so excited taking pictures with his phone only to find out that all he got was a pitch black picture. Thank God we have our "fancy" cameras, so we were able to take pictures for him. Once we arrived home and developed them. We noticed a "brighter star" with a different shape, a shape of a galaxy :O whatttt!?!?!?! We think it’s a galaxy, I am not talking about the Milky Way but the one that is on the top left. Maybe it’s a supernova, but we like to think we got two galaxies on one picture lol. Oh, and can you see the shooting starts??

Here is a close up.

Our goal was to arrived at Maroon Bells before sunset. We tried not to make any more stops on our way over there, but I was able to take these pictures while Sal was driving up the mountain, and boy I am glad I was doing so. I don't think I can do that drive, too many sharp curves and way too high, I got a little dizzy.

You see that tiny road down there?.... we were there, that is the road to get up where we were standing, I think we went up a little higher. Breathtaking right!! Literally!!! Lol

My car always photobombing my pictures lol. Yes that white car is mine :D

ehhhh no, not the Porsche but the Rav4 lol I wish I have the Porsche.

Oh hey!!

Here when we arrived at Aspen, Colorado. Beautiful city, would love to live there ha!

And we arrived at Maroom Bells just in time 07:31pm, sadly, golden hour was gone. But we are mentally prepared now. Next time we need to arrived 2 hours prior sunset!

A few more pictures of the galaxy.

On our way back to Illinois. Sunrise!

My shade clip ons for my glases flew out of the window while I was trying to get this picture. Oh well, it was totally worth it.

We stop for breakfast in Idaho Springs, Colorado. All the people there were really nice, yummy food and amazing view.

Next to the breakfast joint we found a Vintage store full of interesting stuff!!

We made a stop at Denver, CO we wanted to take a picture of the skyline but also because I wanted to see the Bisons. I am so glad we stop there, the pictures are amazing. If you are planning a trip to Colorado, don't forget to stop at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Nation Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City, CO just outside of Denver and they have biking and hiking trails where you get to enjoy the wildlife. Nice place to take the kids as well, they have finishing ponds and bird nest, anyways, you just have to go to see it :D

And last but not least. A picture of a BNSF locomotive

VS Jpeg.jpg

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